How To Play Texas Holdem Tournaments

Texas Holdem is by far the most popular poker game in the world. And at any given moment there are more Holdem games in play than any other type of poker game. So when it comes to poker tournaments, it should come as no surprise that most of them are Holdem, as well.


Texas Holdem Tournament

Texas Holdem is the most popular poker game ever. Read more about how to play Texas Holdem tournaments here. In this article, we’ll talk about how to find and join the best online Texas Holdem tournaments online. But we’ll just take a few steps back first. For those readers out there who are just starting out, here are the basic rules of Texas Holdem. It’s a game that is played out in stages. And at each stage, you may bet. Players start with two cards each which are hidden from the other players. Then the bidding starts. Eventually, five other cards are thrown into play. These are the communal cards which any player may use together with the two cards they already have. The important thing to note is that betting takes place between every stage.  



Texas Holdem Tournaments

Now, that’s the basic Holdem rules. And I’m sure most of you already know them, so let’s get back to the topic of tournaments because that is a type of poker playing most players haven’t tried. There are two types of playing poker. The regular type is cash poker, which is just your typical poker game. The other main type is tournament poker. The difference of a regular cash game and a tournament game is that all players of the tournament need to buy the exact same amount of chips before the tournament starts. And these chips cannot be cashed out.


Big Prizes

This means that players are already in for the full amount. And this amount goes into a big pool where the prizes are taken from. In addition to the initial buy-in of stacks, you have to pay a fee, as well, which raises the final prizes greatly. What happens is that as the tournament rolls along and some players lose their chips, they’re out of the game. This limits the field nicely, and the longer you stay in the game, the higher are your chances of winning the tournament prizes.


Big Appeal

In tournaments you win prizes, and the get high. Sometimes you can even win gifts on top. Normally, prize money is given to the top three players. But some tournaments may award prizes to other players from the final, as well. In addition to money, a tournament winner may win other things such as cars, houses, etc. The negative thing about a Texas Holdem tournament, and any other poker tournament, is that you need to pay a fee before starting and that the initial buy-in may be higher than a regular game. But by the same token, the prizes can be so huge that when you win a prize, your initial investment is paid back to you hundreds, maybe thousands of times over. So, all in all, a tournament is interesting because the winner makes so much more than what he would in a normal game. This is the appeal of poker tournaments.


Excitement and Variety

Because of its fame, no other poker tournament is more popular than a Texas Holdem tournament. And the great thing is that there are various types of Texas Holdem tournaments. Your typical tournament is a so-called Sit and Go. This is where you buy-in your chips, pay the fee, sit down at a table, wait for all tables to fill up, and the tournament is on. You simply keep playing until you either run out of chips or reach the final. Note that the excitement of a poker tournament intensifies because blinds go up at regular intervals. This brings a very intense joy to the game, as the gameplay becomes more and more intense. Each hand becomes more and more important. And, not least, more players drop out each and every round.



Many regular Texas Holdem players ask me why they should start bothering with poker tournaments. And I always tell them that tournament playing is a great way to improve your game rapidly. It really makes you think on your feet, and the great thing about online poker tournaments is that they are available 24 hours per day, seven days a week, so you can always join one. Another benefit is that you can win so much more than a normal game. It’s strange, but many great players are afraid of doing a tournament. And even though I always emphasize the need for some basic knowledge of poker, I also remind players that a regular Sit and Go tournament is the same as any regular Texas Holdem game, only a little longer, a little more intense, and a little more fun.


The Best Tips

The best tip for having any kind of success in a Texas Holdem tournament is to go easy. The trick is to stay in the game, and that means holding on to your chips. Sure, you can’t fold every time, and you do need to follow up on some bids that you are not one hundred percent sure that you will win, but the irony is that tournaments often favor easy-going and careful players. Until you get to the final rounds, that is. Because then you meet the very best players of that particular tournament and need to step up your game.


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