Speed Poker Tournaments: Where Anyone Can Win!

Online poker tournaments are getting more and more popular. The main reason is that the winnings get so much higher. But another is simply because there are so many different poker tournaments, that all have their special appeal. And one of them is speed poker.


Tournament Basics

You need to buy a fixed amount of chips before your start a speed poker game.We’ll get to speed poker rules in just a minutes. You probably already know what a poker tournament is, but let’s help out those who don’t with a quick few general lines on the subject. A poker tournament is a large poker game with more than one table. Players have to buy-in the same amount of chips, and chips cannot be cashed out. In addition to the chips, there’s always a tournament fee. This means that there’s a huge pool of players that are paying in large amounts of money. And a big part of this money goes to the winner and runner-up of the tournament.


Sit and Go

The most standard form of online poker tournament is the Sit and Go. To explain speed poker better, let’s use SNG as an example. In a normal tournament game, players have the standard allowed amount of time to make their choices of what to do with a bid. But in speed poker, which is also called turbo or zoom poker, players need to make their choices in the matter of seconds. Exactly how many seconds you have to decide depends on the tournament in question, but generally speed poker tournaments give you 15 seconds to decide. This limit can bring about many interesting situations and challenges.


An Even Playing Field

Think about all the wrong choices even experienced players can make. When you don’t have a lot of time to consider all details, mistakes will be made. And this is what makes speed poker extremely entertaining. Take the whole element of psychology, for example. How well can a player try to use this to his advantage when time is short and the players keep changing? This means that the whole game is on a much more even playing field. Players with less experience have more chance of winning. Theoretical poker experts that may have great psychological and strategical abilities suddenly lose their edge. And this makes speed poker interesting for players of all levels, whether beginners, intermediates or experts. You have to think fast and anyone can win!



Speed poker gives you very little time to play strategiesBut the main appeal is the sheer excitement. Also for viewers in case of live poker tournaments. One of the reasons why speed poker tournaments has gotten so popular in online casinos. Hands go by quickly. That means that decisions need to be made rapidly. Are you going to bid? Will you see the raise? What about the re-raise? Speed poker doesn’t allow much time to think about things. Some types of really good players, with years of experience and who can process situations really quickly come out of this very well. But they are the type of people who think quickly. Some professional poker players are great in slow strategy games, but less skillful in speed games. Some people just like to take a little longer to think.


How to Choose a Speed Poker Tournament

Online speed poker tournaments are easy to find. You just need to log on to any casino or poker site. Poker tournaments are a big thing online, and speed tournaments are a very popular segment of the tournament community. So just choose a site you like, download the software and get browsing. In addition to speed tournaments you’ll find all other kinds of tournaments, and be aware that there are several types of speed tournaments, as well, with slightly different rules. You could play any type of poker as a speed poker tournament, but the most common format is Texas Hold’Em.


More Intuition

If you’re completely new to poker tournaments you’re probably best off to play some free tournaments first, and then some regular Sit and Go’s, but don’t be afraid to jump into a speed poker tournament if you feel like it. Many find them similar to speed chess. And even with little experience, some players may actually play better and improve much faster. As strange as it sounds, speed poker makes your conscious brain blank out a little, and that’s how the sub-conscious brain takes over. Lower level players may beat top professionals and scoop some sweet poker tournament prize pools! In fast poker games like Zoom Poker Tournaments, less is more. 


It's simple To Join

You join easily by clicking a button on the tournament of your choice. Now, remember, things will go quickly. And after each hand the system will automatically jump you to another table. This element, in itself, is great fun as you will not face the same players. In fact, there are so many interesting aspects to speed poker that most passionate players will find it important to at least try a few tournaments out. In fact, many pros claim it even improves their regular game.


Final Tips

Before you start speed poker, as with any online poker, make sure you sign up and register with a casino or poker site you really like. Feel free to use the articles and lists we have here on our site, and pay particular attention to our reviews. There are many great sites out there, and you may even feel the need to register with more than one. Many online poker tournament players do. The rest is just practice. And in between the games, make sure you read up on your poker theory skills. Particularly odds and probability counting.


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