Learn To Play Sit and Go Poker Tournaments Online

Online poker tournaments are all the rage because they are so much fun and they pack a lot of poker experience into a smaller time frame. One of the most popular types of poker tournament is the "Sit and Go" tournaments, aka. Single Table tournaments.  Sit and Go poker is fast paced: you can leave whenever you like, strategy and psychology play less of a role in these games and everyone starts with the same number of chips. This is why Sit n Go poker is considered great for beginners and provides some of the best odds for poker amateurs to win!


Poker tournaments like Sit and Go are great fun. Read all about them here.

Sit and Go Poker Tournaments

An online poker tournament is a group of players getting together to play a specific tournament of poker. There are poker tournaments in various types of poker games, although the Texas Hold’ Em is, by far, the most popular. Just as the poker game itself changes, there are various styles of online poker tournaments. A Sit n Go poker tournament (also called an SNG) is one where there is no specified starting time. The tournament will begin when all the required player’s spots are filled.


How Do You Join?

The number of players in these SNG tournaments varies, and in theory can be as low as two. Although in most cases we’re talking about a hundred or so players, depending on the poker room. The first thing you need to do as you decide to join the tournament is to do a buy-in and also pay a fee. The buy-in gets you a set of chips, just like any other player in the tournament. Everything is equal in the beginning. When all seats are filled, the tournament begins.


How Do You Lose?

Normally, a Sit and Go online poker tournament is played on more than one table. In this case, what happens is as your table loses players, the system moves the seated players around to other tables. A table loses a player when he or she loses all her chips. So as the tournament proceeds, just the winners will be left.

A Sit and Go tournament is a great way to get started with online poker tournaments.

Poker Tournament Blinds

One important thing to be aware of when it comes to online poker tournaments like SNG’s is that the blind will keep increasing at regular intervals that are pre-determined. This is an important thing to remember as the stakes do get significantly higher, and the way you analyze the game needs to change with it.

How Do You Win?

A Sit and Go online poker tournament is simple to understand. The winner whoever is left when all other players are busted. Depending on how many tables your particular Sit and Go tournament has, this could take a long time or be over with much quicker. One of the great things about a poker tournament like the Sit and Go is that you win a lot more than you would at a normal cash game. First of all, you have the prize money that is set, and then you have your share of the buy-ins.


Ideal for Beginners

Most good and experienced poker players will tell you that a Sit n Go poker tournament is the best way to get started with online poker tournaments. Think of the SNG’s as the main type of poker tournament. The starting point. Other tournaments involve different variations like the ability to sit at more than one table, etc., but in an SNG you simply sit put and play on. As other players bust out, the field gets smaller, and eventually, you’re in the final.


Choosing a Poker Site

All online poker sites offer online poker tournaments like Sit and Go’s. And these days it really is just a matter of preference which poker site you go with. Read up a little on our sites. There is plenty of information on the various casinos and poker sites available. Make a shortlist of the top five poker sites you like, and simply try one of them out.


Need to Download?

It largely depends on which casino or poker site you use whether you need to download software. Most poker sites want you to download dedicated software or apps because they offer better features and less connection drop outs, which can be crucial in a fast paced poker game, but some offer Flash-play that you can do straight in your browser. Both options are very secure, though. Find a poker site you like and feel confident playing at and follow the recommendations. If you aren't sure, we can hook you up with some great poker sites for your introduction to online poker tournaments.


Strategic Choices

A typical online Sit n Go poker tournament is pretty short. It could be over in less than an hour, but will normally last a few hours at the very maximum. When you first start, think of a Sit and Go tournament as having a beginning, middle and end. Just like a good book or film. Your goal is to get to the first three places, ideally the top spot! The important thing is to not run out of chips. And this is something you should think about in the beginning phases when there are more players. Get a bit further into the game before you start betting big, if ever.


Conservative Betting

And I mean that. There are very few cases where you would do crazy bidding in a Sit and Go poker tournament. Take note of the other players that are left in the middle rounds, and be careful not to go crazy. It’s better to fold a bad pair of cards in the hole than to to lose a lot of money betting on a pair that doesn’t have chances of winning. So think about regular poker strategy. Memorize the top ten or fifteen pairs of pocket cards, and do not risk too much unless you have a premium hand.


Online poker tournaments are great fun, and Sit and Go’s are the best way to begin. The water's warm - just Jump In!