How & Why Start Playing Poker Tournaments?

There are two main types of poker tournaments. Live tournaments played in person and online tournaments. Both types of tournaments are exciting and extremely popular, but online tournaments are naturally vastly moreso. Let’s have a look at what an online poker tournament is, and what the typical rules involve.

Basic Poker Tournament Rules

Poker tournaments are extremely popular both online and in real life. There are many rules to observe in poker tournaments. And it’s beyond the scope of this article to list the complete rules of a poker tournament. But we hope that you’ll get at least a basic understanding of what a poker tournament is, what you can win in terms of prizes, what is needed to participate, etc. First of all, an online poker tournament is something that takes place 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can always log into a casino or poker site and join a poker tournament at any time.


How To Join A Tournament

A poker tournament is essentially a poker game where you buy a set amount of chips, and play poker hands on one or more tables until you’ve lost all your chips or have managed to go to the final. Chips that are used in poker tournaments are called tournament chips. The attraction of a poker tournament is that you can win so much more money than at a normal poker table. There are various reasons for this, but one of them is because the tournament chips of the players that lose early on in the game, goes towards winnings. In addition to the price of the chips comes the entrance fee, which goes to the house or the tournament arrangers.


Tournament Chips

The interesting thing about tournament chips is that you cannot simply cash them out. You buy a stack and play until you either win or lose. So tournament poker is therefore not considered a cash game. Another great difference is that the blinds are increased at regular intervals, something that you always need to remember. There are many types of poker tournaments. Texas Hold’Em is, by far, the most commonly game played poker tournament game.


Multiple Table Games

One big difference has to do with how many tables you can play on. In some types of poker tournaments, you are allowed to play on various tables, whereas in others you are focusing on one table only. There are always many tables involved, but the difference lies in how many tables you can participate in. If you play in a single table game, you focus on one table only. There are many, many types of tournaments, including Sit and Go, Spin and Go, Shootouts, Knockouts, and Time-based tournaments. This last group of poker tournament is interesting because it limits the time a player can use to decide what to do, which makes for a very interesting, rapid game.


Poker Tournament Prizes

The great appeal of poker tournaments is that it is generally more money to be won. This is because of the prize money involved. The exact prize money the tournament you participate in depends on many factors, but keep in mind that in tournament play you will be kicked out if you lose all your chips. This is something that does not happen in a normal cash game. In addition to winning cash, you can win prizes like cars, houses, etc., depending on the tournament. This in addition to the prize pool, of course, which is the money that is in the huge pot.


In a poker tournament you can win a lot more than in a normal cash poker game.

Cash Poker or Tournament

Whether you like normal cash poker or poker tournaments depends on your style. Some people feel that no-limit cash games tend to be more profitable, not least because of the issue of increasing blinds and the fact that you can be knocked out at any moment. But it really depends on your preferences, and most players do both regular cash games in addition to poker tournaments.


How To Play Poker Tournaments

At any point in time, you may enter a poker site where you can find interesting tournaments. There are tournaments available all the time, 24 hours a day. It is simply a matter of finding a casino you like, registering, downloading the software or app, and start playing. The best way of doing this is starting out carefully. Do play some free poker games at first, then some normal cash games, and pay particular attention to the increasing blinds that you meet in tournaments, and you’ll be fine. The rest is pure poker. Pure emotion. Pure adrenalin.


Find Your Seat

Be aware of the various differences in poker. You have amateurs, and professionals. And then you have extreme professionals. The same is true for tournaments. Some tournaments are not for beginners. But once you log into your preferred poker site and play around a bit, you’ll soon see what suits you the best. Some tournaments have a pre-determined start time (Sit and Go-tournaments.) Others start whenever seats are filled. Online seats tend to fill up rapidly, so you could face a completely full tournament on your first attempts if you wait too long. The important thing is to find a poker site you like, register, downloads the software and get started. Poker is a fascinating game that can be incredibly rewarding.


To get started in online poker tournaments, begin by finding poker tournaments with lower prize money, which are less popular with poker sharks, until you get into the groove. Then simply play your way to the top!