How & Why to Play Multi-Table Tournament Poker

Poker tournaments can be incredibly fun. And the great thing is that you’re only a click away from joining one. But don’t forget that there are many types of online poker tournaments. In this article, we’ll look at multi-table tournament poker. 


What is a Multi-table Poker Tournament

A multi-table poker tournament is just what it says - a poker tournament where you can play more than one table at the same time. You’re probably into poker and know some basics, but are curious about getting into online poker tournaments. Good for you. Poker tournaments are a great way to learn more. And also to win more. As you know simply by looking through the pages of your favorite poker site, there are many types of online poker tournaments. The most common poker tournament is the Sit and Go. But once you get a little confidence, try multi-table tournament poker. This is a poker tournament that allows you to play more than one table at the time. And this seriously increases your chances of winning big.


Why Play Multiple Table Poker?

A multi-table poker tournament, or MTT, is not something you start off with. It’s too complicated for that. Imagine wrapping your head around poker odds, statistics, and probability calculations on one table, and then multiplying this with two, three, four or more. Because this is essentially what a multi-table tournament is; a poker tournament where you are allowed to sit in on many tables. Serious players; professional people who make tens of thousands of dollars per week with online poker, love multi-table poker tournaments exactly because they can increase your winnings so much.


The Difference From Cash Games

There are two main ways to play poker online. You can play a regular cash game or a tournament. And a tournament differs in that you cannot buy out the chips you bought in the beginning. The chips you started with is your investment into the tournament, and the benefit of this is that you get to win so much more. Another difference from a poker cash game is that the blinds keep increasing throughout the game. This makes tournaments, like multiplayer tournaments, a little more challenging than regular poker play.


Speed Concerns

A multi-table tournament with more blinds changes and a higher level of increase are considered “fast” tournaments. Think about it; the higher the ante and the blinds, the less time it takes for people to go bust, and the quicker is the tournament. Your own chances of going bust increases, as well, which is why you need to be an intermediate player before enrolling in any kind of online multi-table poker tournament.


Points To Consider

Remember that in poker tournaments, stack sizes and blinds matter.Not just the level and ratio of blind increases influences the speed. But also the number of chips you start out with. Let's say you’re looking at blinds of 25/50 at level one, and a chip stack of 1000. This would be a very fast game. Why? Because you’re looking at 20 big blinds, only. A tournament with 10,000 chips starting out would be considered much slower even at the same 25/50 blinds because here you can bank 200 big blinds. So just by looking at the number of chips you get and the blinds at level one, you get a pretty good indication of the style of play you’re looking at.


How Do You Enroll?

If you’ve ever been to a casino or a poker site, you know that enrolling in a tournament is easy. It is merely a matter of clicking a button and buying your chips. Simple as that. But, of course, if you’re not set up and registered in a casino, this make take some time. But rest assured that there are many poker tournaments going on at any moment in time. 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The main challenge is finding a casino or poker site you like and get registered. Find a style of multi-table poker tournament that you like, and are comfortable with, and just get started.


Multi-table Poker Tips

The best tip for increasing your winning chances in an online multi-table tournament is to improve your poker game in general. Read up on poker odds and statistics, and try to get this kind of mathematical information to appear in your brain as quickly as possible just by looking at a particular hand. Learn about opening hands, pocket cards pre-flop strategies and learn everything you can about post-flop. Essentially: become a good poker player. You don’t need to be a pro to start with multi-tables, but you need to know your way around the basic poker odds theories.



Playing online poker tournaments is a great way to improve your game, and multi-table games can make you a very good player. But you need to have a certain level of knowledge. You need to have reached a certain level of poker intelligence. Otherwise, you’ll be giving money away to the others.


  • Possibilities of much larger wins
  • Great to get experience quickly
  • A fun way to play


As with the pros, the cons follow closely. The most important factor here is the familiarity you have with poker odds and poker theory. You don’t need to be a pro, but some things should be in place before your get started with MTT’s.


  • Big differences in speed of play, depending on ship stacks and blind structures
  • Less experienced players will lose
  • Need to have achieved a certain level of poker-theoretic mastery.

How To Get Started?

The rule is this - if you have to ask how you get started with multi table poker tournaments, you should probably start with a regular cash game or a Sit and Go tournament. Read up on some basic theory, and choose a table from your favorite casino or poker site.


If you think you’re ready for an MTT, then dive right in: there's no better time to start than right now!