How You Get Started With Live Poker Tournaments

So, you’ve played a decent amount of poker online, both cash games and tournaments. And now you’re curious to make that change from “virtual” online poker tournaments, to live dealer tournaments. How do you do it?


Live Dealer Poker Tournaments

A live poker tournament needs a lot more nerve than online tournaments.A live dealer poker tournament is a rare find in the online casino world. The main difference between standard online poker tournaments and live online poker tournaments is that in the live version, the poker dealer is not a computer: they are a real person you are connected with via video. Most people start out their poker careers playing poker tournaments online or by playing in poker room live games both online and off. Anyone interested in poker tournaments can log onto any casino or poker site and join tournaments with players from all over the world. There are all types of tournaments, but because tournaments usually have many tables playing against the clock, it's far easier to hold an online tournament with a virtual dealer than a live dealer. Live dealer poker tournaments are rare to find because they require real people to manage each poker table in the tournament for however long the tournament lasts


Your First Live Tournament

Before you even think about live tournaments, you should’ve paid your dues through a series of online standard poker events. There are so many elements that may influence you in a live poker tournament. For one, the energy in the poker room live version can be intimidating. You’re no longer seated alone in front of your computer at home. You are up against real people and real dealers you can see and chat with. And they can see you as well. Suddenly having a "poker face" and the poker psychology factor you hear so much about will come into focus and become critical to your game. Likewise, being able to calculate your odds without losing track of the game or missing your opponents' expressions as they play their own hands will become more crucial. Plus the sheer ambiance of a live poker tournament can affect even the coolest players.


High Prize Money

The great benefit of most live tournaments is that the prize money almost always is better than a standard online tournament. They are larger events, usually reserved for VIP players, and they take more effort to produce, they charge more for this, and the prize money increases significantly because of it. One simple example is the young guy who recently won three million dollars in a live tournament where the start-up fee was ten thousand dollars. Now that is an incredible increase of capital. Where else can you increase your investment in that manner? Some live dealer tournaments even offer additional prizes like cars and houses.

Benefits of Live Poker Tournaments

When you join a live tournament, you up your game as they say. You enter into a completely different realm. People have different objectives for doing this. Some may even be considering going professional. Others just love the adrenalin or the higher prize money. Whatever your reason is for joining a live poker tournament, just the fact that you’ll participate in such an event will change the way you think about poker forever. Many players get totally addicted and launch great poker careers, even if they didn’t start out wanting to turn pro.


How To Register

If you’re interested in joining a live poker tournament, the first thing you need to do is to get an overview of which tournaments are out there and what their live poker tournament schedule is like. Depending on where you play online, there may be none available at your prefered poker site. Find a tournament that suits you. Most people like to start out small. Live dealer poker tournaments may be more difficult to find than other poker tournaments, but all serious online poker sites offer them, even if only to their VIP players. You will need to register online and pay the entrance fee. It couldn’t be easier. The biggest challenge is finding the right tournament for you!


How to Prepare?

If you have some experience with poker tournaments online, you could think about trying a live event.  The game is the same!We did mention psychology, but it is a major point. A live dealer poker tournament is completely different from a standard online tournament. So, the preparation should be better, too. The fact that you are facing your opponents is a major one. And they are facing you, which is even more terrifying for beginners. Many pro players can read beginners like an open book, so make sure you don’t fall to pieces under pressure. Find a pro poker player that you like, and take note of how they behave at the table. This will help you greatly before any live event.


Should I Try?

You’re already interested in poker. You’ve probably played tens, maybe hundreds of online tournaments. Not to mention regular cash games. You know poker theory. All this means that you have what it takes. A live tournament is not for pure beginners, but even as an intermediate player, the change from standard online poker to live poker tournaments are scary. But, guess what? The game is the same. The rules are the same. If you’ve done some time in good online poker rooms, the live dealer poker you’ll be facing will be the same. The only difference is the pressure of a facing your opponents, even if through video.


Get Started

At one point you just need to confront yourself and your fears. Put your faith in the poker game that you’ve been developing in the anonymity of your poker alias, and start making that mental transition. Decide that you want to do at least one live poker tournament, and then do it. Make sure you prepare yourself for it, so don’t enroll in a tournament just as it's about to begin. On our web pages there’s plenty of information on a number of tournaments, so that could be a good place to start.


Research your tournaments well, and then just go for it. And if you want to brush up on your poker theory, click here.