This Is How You Play Free Online Poker Tournaments

Poker tournaments are getting more and more popular. Not least because of the high prize money that can be won. To enter an online tournament you normally need to pay a few. But did you know that it is possible to take part in free poker tournaments?


Free Poker Tournaments

Yes! You can get free chips, in free poker tournaments, and still win real money. Most people don’t and think that all online poker tournaments are expensive affairs. But the fact is that poker tournaments online are almost always cheaper to enter than live tournaments, and now you even have the free options. Let us just point out that most online tournaments are not free. And the reason is pretty obvious, as the casinos and poker sites need to make money to pay the prizes. But once in a while, they try to entice new players by offering free tournaments.


Risk Free

Which is great news for those wanting to test out how a tournament feels without having to risk anything. Casinos and poker sites are different in their approaches to free tournaments. Some offer free tournaments more regularly than others. And if you’re a particularly active cash player you may get offers to join as the sites want to introduce more people to tournament play.

Freeroll Poker Tournaments

Many casinos and poker sites call these free tournaments “freerolls,” but the name can change from site to site. Some sites offer these freeroll tournaments regularly, other not. The only sure way of keeping track of the many freerolls that are available weekly is to register at various casinos and poker sites. Registered members get this info straight to their email inbox. And if you want, you can simply browse for them as well. Enter a casino or poker site that you belong to and sort the tournaments by the buy-in price. Freeroll poker tournaments have zero dollars in buy-in, so they’re easy to spot this way.


What Can You Win?

The great thing about the free tournaments is that you can win real money. This is not the same as playing poker in a typical free room. No, the prize money you can win is very real. And many players like to enter these free poker tournaments to build up their online, poker bankrolls. The prize money is not particularly high, and often we’re just talking about a few hundred dollars, maybe up to a thousand. But considering the number of free tournaments are available, these prizes could up for the player who manages to get to the top levels.



There are many free poker tournaments available online. And in some cases you can win hundreds of dollars in each tournament. In some cases (but not the majority) there are limits to withdrawing the money you win from a free poker tournament, which means you need to spend it online with that particular casino or poker site. But even if this restriction applies there are advantages to these winnings. Because in this way it is possible to spend your free tournament winnings on real online games or tournaments. A strategy many players follow to get started with “real” online poker tournaments.


Variety of Games

Yes, Texas Hold’ Em is, by far, the most popular poker game. And this goes for poker tournaments, as well. But all major casinos and poker sites typically offer games like Omaha and Seven Card Stud, too. And the same applies for free tournaments. Many people who are not aware of the possibility of joining free poker tournaments online are surprised when they discover the number of options they get. Keep in mind that there are many varieties of free poker tournaments even within the same card game group, too. Although the options are generally way more limited than in fully paid poker tournaments.

Small Buy-Ins

Some casinos and poker sites offer low-key, almost-free poker tournaments, too. These are regular, paid for tournaments, but the buy-ins are so low that they are virtually free. Another great option for players wanting to advance rapidly, even though these small buy-in tournaments are not completely free. Again, the best way of finding these particular low-key tournaments is simply registering with a casino or poker site and browsing through the tournament tabs regularly. If you join two to three sites, you are sure to find plenty of both free and small buy-in tournaments all week.

Free Games as Rewards

Just like airlines give out points to their most loyal customers, casinos and poker sites like to offer special freebies to certain of their members. Another great reason to register with a few sites once you decide that you’d like to do some serious playing online. Often, they will simply send an email to specific clients, and you need to click a special link to access the free tournaments. Other times you may need to enter a special code. It all depends on the policy of each and every site. But generally speaking, free tournaments are great marketing tools for most sites, and they like to use them.


Which Free Tournaments to Choose?

Once you start finding out more about the free online poker tournaments, you’ll discover that many of them offer seriously low prize money. Sometimes as low as ten dollars. You may want to try such a tournament, but our best bet is to locate the casinos and poker sites that offer higher amounts. Why go for the lowest possibility if the higher-prized alternative is free as well? Again, do great research. Browse the various tournament boards on your favourite casinos and poker sites and get a feel for what’s out there.


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